Unique Projects

ROSC has a unique interest and ability to work on special and ‘out of the box’ projects. We enjoy a challenge and find it satisfying to help create something different that does not fall under ‘traditional scaffolding needs’.

Some recent unique projects we have worked on are:

So what do you do when you want to stay open all day, but need to complete important maintenance on your most necessary machinery? You call ROSC! Snow Planet in Silverdale had just this dilemma. Their powerful air conditioning units were due for a service, but access was very difficult, and safety of their skiers was paramount. The solution? ROSC organised the team to come and erect wide hanging platforms from the steel U beams. In order to keep the Hill open, the boys came in a 3am, over a couple of days, to get the job done before opening hours.


12 plank wide platform hanging from steel u-beams.       The skiing goes on at Snow Planet, as maintenance is carried out.


Not everything ROSC is contracted to do would count as work. Kids Republic from Whangaparaoa was on the move, and ROSC was asked to help remove the playground structure. The boys made sure they got one last play in before the real work began! ROSC specialises in unique job requirements. We realise that not all jobs fit the ‘box’ of scaffolding. Our team is creative and flexible- perfect for those ‘out-of-the-box’ needs!!

IMG_4282  October 2013 012

As part of the Fan Trail which supporters walked from the Waterfront up to the Rugby Arena, the Design students of Auckland University were asked to design some sculptures for Myers Park, as part of a larger Arts exhibition.
After presenting their designs, ROSC offered some practical suggestions and building ideas to help create the final working plan, involving scaffolding pipe, lengths of wood, plastic tubing and shrinkwrap. These sculptures, approximately 10m in length and totally 6 in number, were constructed on top of shipping containers. ROSC worked closely with each set of design students to ensure accurate erection and practical safety of each sculpture. Thousands of people walked and enjoyed the fantrail.
The result was amazing!

IMG_2888     ROSC2012 (1)     ROSC Fan trail Sculpture

The University of Auckland’s Snowsports Club wanted to make a statement on Open Day, so in partnership with SnowPlanet and ROSC, they designed a snow event of ambitious proportions: a snowboard competition right there in the Auckland Universities Quad!  Provided with  a rough sketch of a ski ramp, and a vague idea of what they wanted, ROSC engineered a structurally sound and practical ramp, and arranged for both the scaffold and plywood to be installed. The ramp was designed to take an estimated 15 tonnes of snow, and of course needed to be totally secure as safety was parmount. Take a look at the end result!

ROSC2012 (8) ROSC2012 (11) ROSC2012 (13)